Featured Projects

Robotics class project

Current research project

My completed and ongoing projects can be categorized into three main groups: research, class, and personal/club. As their name suggested,

  1. research projects are done in a professional lab environment;

  2. class projects are done in order to fulfill the degree requirement; and

  3. personal/club projects include interesting activities I did when exploring the different applications of engineering knowledge.

Technical Interests

  1. Medical Device Design

  2. Rehabilitation Robotics

  3. Robotics

  4. Biomedical Devices

  5. Mechatronics

  6. Biomechanics

  7. Bioengineering

  8. Theme Park Design

  9. Technology & Society

This section includes details about my past and current research studies at:

  1. Biosensing and Biorobotics Lab at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    1. Robot-Assisted Brain-Wide Recordings in Freely Behaving Mice

  2. Nelson Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

    1. Cable driven mechanism for transferring bed-ridden patient

    2. Air retention device for colonoscopy

  3. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln

    1. Data processing

    2. Braking mechanism for walker

    3. Hand grip for walker

This section includes details about my completed (individual / group) projects for the following class taken at

  1. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    1. Robotics (ME5286)

  2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

    1. Mechatronic Systems Design (MECH457)

    2. [upcoming] Senior Design Project (MECH447)

    3. Kinematics and Machine Design (MECH488)

    4. Dynamics and control (MECH350)

    5. Computer Science: MATLAB (CSCE155N)

  3. HarvardX, edX

    1. Introduction to Computer Science (CS50x)

This section includes details about my past and current (group) projects completed for fun:

  1. Putt-putt course for nonprofit fundraiser

  2. Ryerson Invitational Thrill Design Competition

  3. GoBabyGo modified car

  4. Enrichment items for giraffe

  5. Superhero exhibit

  6. ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge